Diver signaling ok with bull shark in the back

Bull sharks

General information

Divers lying in the sand watching the bull sharks

Bull sharks (Carcharhinus leucas) are found in all warm waters around the world. Ganges, Zambezi shark, Bull Shark, and a few other names all describe the bull shark. He prefers shallow, inshore waters and also swims into rivers and lakes. Bull sharks are 2.20m long on average and weigh around 100kg. They are named for their broad mouth and small eyes. Bull sharks are sexually mature at 10-12 years and have an average life expectancy of about 18 years.

Bull shark frontal view

They don't push out big amounts of eggs like other fish. Bull sharks keep the eggs in the uterus for 10-11 month until 1-13 young sharks will be born. After that the young bull sharks are on their own and the mother shark will not take care about them any more. Bull sharks hunt sting rays, dolphins, turtles, other sharks, crustaceans and all kind of fish. Bull sharks in rivers and lakes are hunting for birds, dogs, rats, cows and even hippos.

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The Bull Shark Trip

Diver taking a picture of a bull shark
Diving with sharks is always something special for us. These fantastic animals need our protection. Their habitat is getting smaller and more unfriendly and it is getting harder to admire these amazing animals in their wilderness. That is why we want to organize any commercial circus around these animals. Diving with bull sharks costs exactly the same as a normal dive in Playa del Carmen. We will not carry out feeding and the meeting will go as naturally as possible. As a diver you are on par with the shark.

Group of divers giving the hand signal for shark

The bull shark is curious and interested to see who or what is diving in his territory, but he does not assume that we are food and he will peacefully turns his rounds close to us. We just sit in the sand and enjoy the fantastic moment and the adrenaline rush. A unique and unforgettable experience!

Our diving rates

Diving with bull sharks 84 USD ➤ Dive trip with one dive at the bull shark point in the morning or the afternoon.
Full equipment 20 USD ➤ Full diving equipment including diving computer.
Partial Equipment 5 USD ➤ Each part of the equipment (bcd, suit, regulator, computer).

* All prices are in US Dollar and subject to change without notice.


Frontal picture of a bull shark
Diving with bull sharks - (November to February)

Every year in the winter months the Caribbean sea gets colder and the bull sharks come closer to the coast line of the Riviera Maya. The male sharks will stay in the north between Cancun and Puerto Morelos while the female sharks meet right in front of Playa del Carmen. Experience the close encounter with and change your opinion about these perfect predators of the sea. Sharks need our protection and there for we need to understand them and stop fearing them....read more