Kukulkan pyramid in Chichen Itza

Mini Yucatan 2 day trip

The Mini Yucatan 2 day trip is the perfect mix of mexican culture and the country and its people.

Cathedral of Valladolid in front of blue sky

The Riviera Maya is a very special part of Mexico. Planed and invented on the drawing board the Riviera Maya is a fully functional tourism industry but not much of the real Mexico. Huge all inclusive resorts, parks and very well organized excursions to the close by Maya sites. The Mini Yucatan 2 day trip is the right choice for those who want to see and experience the real Mexico and want to know more about the fascinating Mayan culture.

Maya pyramid Kukulkan

The Mini Yucatan 2 day trip will take place only at the weekends (Saturday and Sunday). After the hotel pickup we are leaving the Riviera Maya and drive through the Caribbean rain forrest to Chichen Itza. In Valladolid, just a few kilometer before Chichen Itza, we will stop and have a look at the colonial style buildings and the cathedral surrounding the town square. Next stop Chichen Itza. There is no second Maya site that can demonstrate the unique and fascinating culture of the Mayas than Chichen Itza. This is a mystic place that will hypnotize you by its many hidden details.

Colonial style buildings in Merida

After the lunch break in a close by restaurant we continue to Merida. Merida is a awesome colonial city on the other side of the Yucatan Peninsula. First we will take you for a brief sight seeing tour through the city before we check in to our nice and clean 4 star city hotel in the old center of the city. The evening will be a typical “Fiesta Mexicana”. Every Saturday in the center of Merida there is some kind of street party. Around the Plaza de la Independencia, the main square of Merida, you will find stands and stages with live music and dancing people in the streets. This is not a touristic event this is Mexico.

Stands at the main square

After a short night the second day starts with a a trip to Uxmal. The ruins of Uxmal are probably the most beautiful Maya site. One of the big advantages is the few people visiting this almost fully reconstructed Maya site. A real highlight of the Mini Yucatan 2 day trip. For lunch you can expect some specialties from Yucatan in a near by restaurant. On the way back to the Riviera Maya we will stop at the “Yellow Town” of Izamal. Most of the buildings of the town and the Franciscan monastery are painted with yellow color. After the sightseeing tour of the monastery we will visit the market hall near by. You will get very special insights of the Mexican culture. A last stop before we get back to Playa del Carmen will be at a special cenotes around Valladolid. A huge dome reminding of a huge cathedral with a small opening in the middle. Don't forget your swimm suit.

Two long and exhausting days with lots of information about a beautiful and interesting country and their fascinating culture and history.

Short description

Maya pyramid in Uxmal
  • Break in Valladolid
  • Chichen Itza sightseeing tour with free time
  • Lunch in a close by restaurant
  • Short city tour in Merida
  • Check in hotel in Merida
  • Evening and dinner on your own
  • Breakfast in the hotel
Franziscan monastery in Izamal
  • Departure to Uxmal
  • Sightseeing tour Uxmal with free time
  • Traditional Yucatan lunch close by Uxmal
  • Departure to Izamal
  • Guided tour of the monastery of Izamal and free time (Tip: Visit the market hall of Izamal)
  • Visit of a cenotes

Included in the program

Cenote near Valladolid
  • Hotel pick up
  • Bus transport
  • English speaking tour guide
  • Lunch in Chichen Itza
  • Accomodation and breakfast in a 4 star city hotel in Merida
  • Lunch in Uxmal
  • Entrance and guided tour in Chichen Itza, Uxmal, Izamal and the Cenote

Not included in the program is the dinner in Merida and all the drinks during the trip.

Mini Yucatan 2 day trip

Single Room 261 USD ➤ Mini Yucatan 2 day trip with accomodation in a single room.
Double room 234 USD ➤ Mini Yucatan 2 day trip with accomodation in a double room.
Tripple room 201 USD ➤ Mini Yucatan 2 day trip with accomodation in a tripple room.

* All prices are in US Dollar and subject to change without notice.


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