Rocio del Mar in the sunset in front of the islqnd of Socorro

Live-aboard Socorro 04.05. - 12.05.2017

General information

Tauchen sitzen im Sand und beobachten einen kreisenden Bullenhai

The Revillagigedo Archipelago are a group of four volcanic islands in the Pacific ocean about 400km off the coast of Baja California. These islands are famous for their unique eco system. The islands are home to many endemic plants and animals. They are often called the “small Galapagos” of Mexico. Socorro is the biggest island of the four with the widest range of flora and fauna. The smaller islands San Benedicto, Roca Partida and Clarion Island are pretty similar to their bigger brother.

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These islands are like a magnet to pelagic sea life. You will meet schools of hammerhead sharks, tiger sharks, dolphins, white-tip sharks, barracudas, tuna, Wahoos, white-tip reef sharks, whale sharks and giant mantas.

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The giant mantas made a name for Socorro. The dive site „the Boiler“ close to San Benedicto is a cleaning station for giant mantas. You will find often many giant mantas and it is the best place to meet and dance with these magic animals.

The underwater world is ruled by rocks and some walls. Corral formations are rare and the water temperature in May is between 24 and 26 degree Celsius at the surface. You can dive these islands only with a live-aboard because they are 26 hours away from san Jose de Cabo in the open sea.

The program

Boarding is at 8am on the 04th of May.

  • 1. day – Departure is scheduled fpor 9am
  • 2. day – Arrival at the island of Insel San Benedicto around 11am and start of the dive program with 2 dives.
  • 3. day – 4 dives around the island of San Benedicto
  • 4. day – 3 dives around the island of Roca Partida
  • 5. day – 3 more dives around the island of Roca Partida
  • 6. day – 4 dives around the island of Socorro
  • 7. day – 4 more dives around the island of San Benedicto and departure to San Jose de Cabo
  • 8. day – Arrival at San Jose de Cabo around 11pm staying on the boat overnight
  • 9. day – Check Out until 8:30am

The boat

Tauchen sitzen im Sand und beobachten einen kreisenden Bullenhai

The boat Rocio del Mar is about 33 meter long, up to 7,5 meter wide and has a weight of about 200 tons. The Rocio del Mar offers 10 cabins for 20 divers over 2 decks.

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All cabins are designed for 2 persons and have the same rate. There are 2 cabins with a double bed plus extra bed, 2 cabins with double bed and 6 cabins with 2 single beds each. All cabins come with a carpet and are equipped with a/c and private bathroom with shower. There is sufficient space for clothes and equipment under the beds. All cabins are equipped with 110 volt plugs (USA).

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Apart from the cabins the Rocio del Mar offers lots of space to relax in between the dives. The salon, the covered seating area and the covered sun deck are available to all guests.

The huge dining room is located in the lower front area of the ocio del Mar to reduce the possible movements during the meals. The wet Equipment can be stored on the diving deck. Smoking is only permitted on the sun deck.


Tauchen sitzen im Sand und beobachten einen kreisenden Bullenhai

The crew of the Rocio del Mar will help and support all divers to have the best and unforgettable diving experience. There will be pelagic life all along the journey and the highlights are the giant mantas, dolphins and 7 different kind of sharks. All divers should have at least one diving computer, a diving insurance, a SMB and one acoustic emergency device. Gloves, knives and underwater spots are not allowed in the marine park. Video lights are allowed.

Tauchen sitzen im Sand und beobachten einen kreisenden Bullenhai

There are 3 experienced divemasters on board who will guide the dives. There are always 2 zodiacs that will support the dives and provide extra safety. The tanks are 12l aluminum with DIN valves.


Tauchen sitzen im Sand und beobachten einen kreisenden Bullenhai

There are 3 meals daily included in the in the rate plus additional snacks, soft drinks, juices and water. After the diving wine and beer will be offered free of charge. Tanks, weights and weight belts are ready for you. You need a valid diving insurance and the proof of it before the boat leaves the harbor.


3.399 USD per person

Tauchen sitzen im Sand und beobachten einen kreisenden Bullenhai

Included in the rate is the marine park fee, the hyperbaric chamber membership and Nitrox for the whole trip. Not included are possible extra cost for gasoline and 10-15% tip for the crew. You should arrive at least one day before the departure of the boat. We will help to organize a hotel and the transfer to the boat.

The payment will be in 2 parts. The first part is 50% of the full amount and is due within 14 days of booking. The second part is due on 15.12.2016.


  • up to 9 months before departure - free cancelation
  • between 3 and 9 months of departure- 25% of the full amount
  • between 2 and 3 months of departure - 50% of the full amount
  • less than 2 months before departure- 100% of the full amount


Frontal picture of a bull shark
Diving with bull sharks - (November to February)

Every year in the winter months the Caribbean sea gets colder and the bull sharks come closer to the coast line of the Riviera Maya. The male sharks will stay in the north between Cancun and Puerto Morelos while the female sharks meet right in front of Playa del Carmen. Experience the close encounter with and change your opinion about these perfect predators of the sea. Sharks need our protection and there for we need to understand them and stop fearing more