Eagle ray cruising through the current


In Playa del Carmen you will find someone to sell you an excursion at every street corner. We don't want to join this because most of the time the feedback is more disappointing than anything else. Here you can find excursions that we support 100%.

Whale shark with snorkeler
Mid May to Mid september – Snorkeling with whale sharks

Every year during the summer months the whale sharks come together in the area between Isla Holbox, Isla Contoy and Isla Mujeres. The come to feed. They filter plankton and macro-plankton with their huge mouth from the sea water. This is a great opportunity to experience these giants up close and snorkel with them. This is an amazing experience you will never forget.

Colonial style house with horse in front
Mini Yucatan 2 day trip

Experience the none touristic part of the Yucatan Peninsula. We will take you to the amazing ruuins of Chichen Itza just before we spend a unforgetable night in the colonial city of Merida. Come with us and visit one of the most beautiful Maya sites far away from daily tourism. Come with us to visit Uxmal. Get some unique impressions about the life in Mexico. This 2 day round trip is a great opportunity to visit the fantastic Maya sites and get to know the culture of the ancient and modern Mexico.

Giant Manta during photo shooting
Diving Safari Socorro May 2017

Discover with us one of the last remote dive sites in the middle of the pacific ocean. Far away from civilisation and 100% nature. 9 days liveaboard with 6 days of diving and up to 20 amazing dives with hammerhead sharks, giant mantas, dolphines and other fascinating pelagic animals. You don't want to miss this opportunity.

Snorkeling with whale sharks

Snorkeling with whale sharks 180 USD ➤ Full day excursion with little breakfast, snack lunch, water and soft drinks.

Mini Yucatan 2 day trip

Single Room 261 USD ➤ Mini Yucatan 2 day trip with accomodation in a single room.
Double room 234 USD ➤ Mini Yucatan 2 day trip with accomodation in a double room.
Tripple room 201 USD ➤ Mini Yucatan 2 day trip with accomodation in a tripple room.

Liveabboard Socorro

Safari Socorro 3.399 USD ➤ 9 day diving safari at socorro island at the revillagigedo archipelago.

* All prices are in US Dollar and subject to change without notice.


Frontal picture of a bull shark
Diving with bull sharks - (November to February)

Every year in the winter months the Caribbean sea gets colder and the bull sharks come closer to the coast line of the Riviera Maya. The male sharks will stay in the north between Cancun and Puerto Morelos while the female sharks meet right in front of Playa del Carmen. Experience the close encounter with and change your opinion about these perfect predators of the sea. Sharks need our protection and there for we need to understand them and stop fearing them....read more