First aid course

Would you like to complete the Rescue Diver and do not have a valid first aid course?

For the Rescue Diver course you need proof of first aid training not older than 2 years. If you do not have this, we can conduct the first aid course with you. Most of you have a driver’s license, so this course is actually a refresher on that knowledge.

Course schedule First aid course

In the first aid course, too, it makes sense to work through the theory in advance. The course lasts one day and is divided into theory, practical exercises and the final exam.

We start with a discussion of part of the theory and then practice it in practical exercises. So we edit section by section and it won’t get boring.

In addition to the initial assessment, the use of first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and stabilization techniques, the course includes two additional components. In addition, you will learn how to administer oxygen in diving emergencies and acquire basic knowledge of how to use the AED / defibrillator.

In the afternoon, the final exam is on the agenda. After passing the exam, nothing stands in the way of a successful Rescue Diver course.

What's next ???

Now you have the requirements for the Rescue Diver!

After you have successfully completed your first aid course, you can start with the Rescue Diver course. As with the first aid course, the focus here is on others. You learn to recognize and prevent possible problems before they arise. Dealing with emergency situations is also on the plan. Again a course that will be a lot of fun.


You don’t feel like studying while on vacation and would rather go to the beach? No problem … you can do the theory for your diving course online in advance at home. Write to us and ask for your online course material.