Diving with bull sharks in Playa del Carmen

Diving with bull sharks. Although most people have never encountered a shark in open water, they are often concerned, as they do with snakes or spiders. The feeling of fear is a protective mechanism that we have developed in the course of evolution. It should protect us from danger. So we are usually very excited in the first few minutes when it comes to diving with the bull sharks. After that you are just mega impressed

What is the process like diving with bull sharks?

Diving with bull sharks is always something special for us. These fantastic animals need our protection. Their habitat is getting smaller and more unfriendly and it is getting harder and harder to admire these breathtaking animals in the wild.

That is precisely why we do not want to organize a commercial circus around these animals. Diving with bull sharks costs exactly the same as a normal dive in Playa del Carmen plus a donation of 5 USD for the organization “Safe our Sharks”. We will not be feeding and the encounter will be as natural as humanly possible.

As a diver, you are at eye level with the shark. He is curious and interested to see who or what is hanging around his territory. He realizes very quickly that we don’t fit into his prey scheme and peacefully turns his rounds. We sit in the sand and enjoy the fantastic moment and the adrenaline rush. A unique and unforgettable experience !!!

Diving with the bull sharks

And so we come into play as a dive center. It is not only in our interest to entertain and train guests well and to show them the beautiful underwater world with lots of colorful fish. We are of the opinion that it is up to us to paint a different picture of the shark that is so badly off and to put it in a better light.

Diving with bull sharks is a very good approach to this. We bring divers into the world of sharks in order to educate them honestly and seriously and to give them a little knowledge about the animals by the hand.

Our hope, pass it on to friends and family and enlighten the people in your vicinity.