Specialty courses

Diving is a sport that never has to be boring. A specialty course brings new challenges, new skills and lots of fun.

Specialty courses offer new challenges. You will gain deeper insights into special aspects of diving. DiveMex in Playa del Carmen offers you a whole range of specialty courses. Our program ranges from buoyancy and nitrox to grotto diving. Here you will find a large part of the specialty courses offered. Is your desired course not listed? Then write to us briefly and we will see if we can fulfill your wish.


Excellent buoyancy control is the basis for relaxed and safe dives. Just float underwater and slide along the reef. In our buoyancy course you will learn the knowledge and the basics of good buoyancy. You will then bring your theoretical knowledge under water. Your diving becomes more relaxed with every dive. The course lasts 1 day and includes 2 dives, theory lessons and a final exam.

Drift diving

Would you like to learn to fly past a reef in the current? So drift diving is exactly the right specialty course for you.

In this course over 2 dives you will learn to correctly assess the dangers of currents and how to deal with them. Consequently you will learn to use the power of water for your own purposes. Accordingly, diving will feel like flying underwater. In addition, we will discuss how certain emergency drift diving procedures look and can be implemented. The drift diving specialty course is especially important for beginners to gain important experience for future dives. The course lasts 1 day and consists of 2 dives, theoretical lessons and a final exam.

Deep diving

During the deep diving specialty course, you will learn everything you need to know about diving to a depth of 40m. Dive planning and implementation have changed significantly compared to your previous dives up to 18m. Both the breathing gas reserve and the no-decompression limit come into focus. You learn and repeat the physiological processes in your body in order to be able to conduct safe dives. The course lasts 2 days and consists of 4 practice dives, theoretical lessons and a final exam.


With Enriched Air Nitrox you can make your dives safe or stay longer at deeper dive sites. Nitrox, however, is not a magic gas. The safe use of Nitrox requires a course. The course lasts 6-8 hours and includes theoretical lessons, practical exercises and a final exam. You are then entitled to dive breathing gas mixtures of nitrogen and oxygen up to an oxygen content of 40%.

Underwater navigation

The underwater navigation specialty course lasts 2 days. It consists of 4 dives, theoretical lessons and a final exam. On this course you will learn to navigate with the compass. In addition, natural navigation based on light, currents, soil conditions and other interesting features is in the foreground. This course will help you to gain a better spatial understanding of the underwater world. You will plan your dives more safely in the future.

Wreck diving

Wrecks are almost always a window into the past. It usually doesn’t matter whether the ship was sunk on purpose or a catastrophe victim. Wrecks are often adopted by nature. A special underwater flora and fauna forms on the wrecks. In this specialty course over 4 dives you will learn to plan and conduct wreck dives safely. This course lasts 4 days and consists of 4 dives, theory lessons and a final exam.

Night diving

The thought of diving at night, in the dark, on the reef often evokes many different emotions in divers. Night diving is a unique experience. Night diving is so relaxing and so exciting at the same time. You will learn everything you need to know about night diving on this course. Procedures and communication at night are central components. The course lasts 3 days and includes 3 dives, theory lessons and a final exam.

Sidemount diving

Sidemount diving is becoming more and more popular. What is the reason for that? For one thing, some divers choose the sidemount configuration because of back problems. Others to better dive in wrecks or caves. Some just want to go with fashion. Only one thing is certain: everyone who tries sidemount diving is fascinated by the new feeling of freedom underwater. The Sidemount Diving Specialty course lasts 3 days / 3 dives including theoretical lessons, practical exercises and a final exam.

Cavern diving

There has always been something mystical and breathtaking about diving in grottos and caves. A look into another world. Our grotto diving specialty course will give you an idea of what is waiting for you on the cave diving courses. It is, if you will, a kind of introductory course. You will learn a lot about the basics and skills you need for cave diving. The course lasts 3 days and consists of 4 dives, theoretical lessons, practical exercises and a final exam.

Project Aware Shark Protection

Sharks are at the top of the sea food chain. They cannot be replaced. Every year between 100 million and 150 million sharks are killed. Most of them because of the supposed healing properties of their fins. The fins of the living animals are cut off. Their bodies then thrown back into the sea. They die miserably at the bottom of the sea. These barbaric practices must stop. This course lasts 1 day and opens your eyes to the exploitation of the oceans with theoretical lessons and 2 dives.

Science of diving

We’ve all heard a great deal about diving science. Learned a lot during our diving courses. This knowledge takes a back seat in most diving courses at some point. We mainly focus on diving. The science behind it is quickly forgotten. This course is a great refresher course. In addition to a few repetitions, we highlight many interesting aspects of diving. The course lasts 2 days and is purely academic. It consists of theoretical lessons and a final exam.