Referral Open Water Diver Course

You don’t want to do your diving course in cold water with poor visibility?

Perfect! We have the right solution for you. You can do the theory and pool training at home before your vacation. With the Referral Open Water Diver course with us in Mexico you can fully concentrate on the essentials, diving. We are happy to help you find a good diving school near you.

Procedure for the Referral Open Water Diver course

The Referral Open Water Diver course is only the 4 open water dives. You have already completed the theory, final exam and pool training at home. This means the course only lasts 2 days.

On the first day we meet in the morning and discuss the first two open water dives and the exercises that are waiting for you. In the early afternoon we take the boat to dive on 2 shallow reefs in front of Playa del Carmen. We do the exercises at the beginning and at the end of the dives. So you have most of the dive for exploring the underwater world.

The second day continues with the detailed dive briefing. All exercises are discussed in detail again before you perform them underwater. Then it’s off to the two final dives to the reefs off Playa del Carmen. After the 4 open water dives, we certify you Open Water Diver.

What's next ???

That was the first step. The next step is the Advanced Open Water Diver!

Now you should gain experience and implement and deepen what you have learned. With the Advanced OpenWater Diver course you gain important experience such as deep diving, drift diving, navigation etc. in a controlled environment with your instructor.


You don’t feel like studying while on vacation and would rather go to the beach? No problem … you can do the theory for your diving course online in advance at home. Write to us and ask for your online course material.