Rescue Diver course

Would you like to know how to avoid dangerous situations while diving and how to deal with them in an emergency?
The Rescue Diver course focuses on preventing dangerous situations from arising in the first place. The focus is of course also on coping with potentially dangerous situations without putting yourself in danger. An exciting course with a completely different approach than your previous courses.

Procedure for the Rescue Diver course

On the first day of the Rescue Diver course, we will complete the theory and pool training. After each discussed section, we jump into the pool and try to put the theoretical knowledge into practice. An interesting, but also exhausting day.

On the 2nd day we repeat the exercises from the previous day and look at the exercises in deeper waters. Panicked underwater diver and unconscious underwater diver are just a few of the exercises.

The third day is dedicated to the final exam. This is divided into the theoretical final test and the successful handling of 2 predefined rescue scenarios.

The Rescue Diver course is very demanding and requires your full attention. You should feel very comfortable underwater and you should notice things about other divers (stress, loose tank band or things like that). Then you are ready for this course.

What's next ???

The next step in your diving career is GOPRO.

Are you looking for more challenges in diving and specialty courses do not appeal to you? Then you should think about whether you would like to become a DiveMaster. In the DiveMaster course you will learn to guide divers and to support diving instructors in the training of diving students. We also offer the DiveMaster course as internship training for work.


You don’t feel like studying while on vacation and would rather go to the beach? No problem … you can do the theory for your diving course online in advance at home. Write to us and ask for your online course material.