Upgrade Scuba Diver to Open Water Diver

Would you like to upgrade your Scuba Diver certification and become an Open Water Diver?

As a scuba diver you are limited to a maximum diving depth of 12m and have to dive with a diving instructor. After upgrading to Open Water Diver, you can dive up to 18m and no longer have to dive with a diving instructor. Clearly the next logical step in your diving career.

Process upgrade to Open Water Diver

With the Scuba Diver you have already completed the first half of the Open Water Diver course. Your upgrade course consists of the second half of the diving theory, a final exam, the second part of the pool exercises and the final 2 open water dives.

The upgrade takes 2 days and starts with the discussion of the diving theory that is still open. Then it’s off to the pool for diving training. Here we work our way through the open exercises and refresh what we have already learned.

The second day starts with the final exam. In the early afternoon we drive to two reefs off Playa del Carmen to complete your upgrade. This means for you to repeat some exercises that you already know from the pool in the sea. The focus of the dives is clearly on exploring the underwater world. After completing the upgrade, you can dive to a maximum depth of 18m accompanied by a diving partner.

What's next ???

That was the first step. The next step is the Advanced Open Water Diver!

Now you should gain experience and implement and deepen what you have learned. With the Advanced OpenWater Diver course you gain important experience such as deep diving, drift diving, navigation etc. in a controlled environment with your instructor.


You don’t feel like studying while on vacation and would rather go to the beach? No problem … you can do the theory for your diving course online in advance at home. Write to us and ask for your online course material.