Refresher course

You haven’t been diving for a while and want a little refresher?

This is a very good idea. Especially if you haven’t had that many dives yet, you should take the time to remember the hand movements. Usually you also have rental equipment and when you freshen up in the pool you have time to get to know your equipment and to repeat the most important skills.

Procedure for refresher course

Our refresher course is a full-day program. We start in the morning at the dive center with a little theory. We repeat the most important points for you. Then it goes into the pool. In addition to blowing out the mask, regaining the regulator and no air scenarios, we focus on your buoyancy. When you feel comfortable under water again, we can go diving in the sea.

In the early afternoon the time has come. We take the boat to two easy reefs off Playa del Carmen. You can now try out your brushed-up skills here. You will notice how relaxed it is to start your diving vacation this way.

What's next ???

How about a specialty course!

We offer a wide range of specialty courses. With the specialty courses you can expand your diving knowledge and skills in a targeted manner. In addition to deep diving, drift diving and nitrox, buoyancy control is a very popular topic.