Trial diving

Have you always wanted to know what diving is like?

Try diving is then just right for you. Our trial diving program is designed to give you a good impression of what diving could be for you. Your safety and your sense of well being come first.

Trial diving procedure

Our trial diving program is a full-day program with a small theory unit, pool training and 2 dives on a simple, shallow and fish-rich reef off Playa del Carmen.

We meet in the morning and discuss the most important points of diving theory. It is important that you know the dangers and the effects of diving on your body and can assess them. You will learn the effects of water pressure on your body and how to handle it safely. We discuss hand signals and all the important procedures for a safe and fascinating dive.

Then it goes to diving in the pool. We train breathing underwater, emergency procedures and the basics of buoyancy control so that you can do your laps in the pool independently and safely.

After a short lunch break, it’s finally on the boat and out to the reef. You dive with your instructor on two shallow and simple reefs up to a depth of 12m. During the two dives you can implement what you have learned in the pool and enjoy the great underwater world with the corals and small schools of fish.

What's next ???

It doesn’t have to end after the trial dive!

You are very welcome to continue diving with us for the rest of your vacation. Of course, you no longer need to go to the pool or discuss diving theory. You can dive with us in the company of a diving instructor in Playa or in Cozumel up to a maximum of 12m.

You want to do a diving course!

Another option is that you choose the Open Water Diver course. This course usually lasts 3 days and costs 450 USD with the educational material. We fully credit you as trial diving and offer you the Open Water Diver course in 2 days and for the price of 300 USD with no hidden extra costs.