Scuba Diver Course

You don’t have much time on vacation but still want to get a diving license?

The Scuba Diver course is just right for you. The course lasts 2 days and is the first part of the Open Water Diver course. Theory, pool and open water dives, but no final exam! After successfully completing the course, you can dive to a depth of 12m worldwide accompanied by a diving instructor.

Program Scuba Diver course

The Scuba Diver course lasts 2 days and starts with a discussion of the diving theory. Before we start diving training in the pool, let’s take a closer look at the diving equipment. You will learn about the tasks of the individual components and how to assemble them.

In the pool you will practice emergency procedures and self-tare underwater. In addition, a number of interesting exercises await you, which are sure to be a lot of fun. The goal is that you feel completely comfortable under water.

The second day starts again with the discussion of the still open diving theory and clarification of open questions. At noon we finally dive in the sea. You will be surprised how much easier diving in the sea is compared to diving training in the pool.

The focus of the two training dives is on the diving experience. You will repeat some pool practice at the beginning and at the end of the dive, but most of the dive can be used to explore the marine life. We dive on two flat and easy reefs off Playa that are sure to inspire you.

You managed. Now we can certify you and you can dive worldwide with an instructor to a depth of 12m.

What's next ???

With the Scuba Diver you have completed the first half of the Open Water Diver!

The Scuba Diver is the first diving license. To expand this to the Open Water Diver, a little theory, the final exam, more pool training and 2 more open water dives are missing. You can take this next step on your next vacation or at home. With the achievement of the Open Water Diver you can dive worldwide with a diving partner up to a depth of 18m.


You don’t feel like studying while on vacation and would rather go to the beach? No problem … you can do the theory for your diving course online in advance at home. Write to us and ask for your online course material.