DiveMex - Diving with friends

Diving with friends is not an empty promise for us. For us it is the philosophy of diving.

About us - The DiveMex story

The beginnings

DiveMex was founded by Dirk Zimmermann and his wife.

We met in winter 2004 in the Maldives. My wife worked as a diving instructor and I as a tour guide for the World of TUI on the island of Boduhiti. This is where my diving career starts as an Open Water Diver and later an Advanced Open Water Diver.

After short stays in Crete, Sharm el Sheikh and Rhodes, we came to Playa del Carmen in the winter of 2006 without a clear idea. I was supposed to work as a tour guide for the World of TUI in Playa del Carmen in spring.

The diving school

In November 2012 it was time to move the diving school. The new address is only 2 minutes away from the Hotel Villa del Mar on Calle 2 between Avenida 10 and Avenida 15.

A small dive center with tables and chairs to sit comfortably together after the dives. The Hotel Villa del Mar project ended in June 2013. We returned the hotel to the owner and since then the focus has been 1,000% on the diving school.

Since June 2014 we have also been offering technical diving courses for IANTD and TDI. The program includes courses such as essentials, sidemount, advanced nitrox and cave diving. In 2015 we expanded our offer and are not only a PADI diving school, but also a SUB International diving school. Therefore we can now also offer CMAS and SUB diving courses.

We have been an SSI Extended Range and Instructor Training Center since 2018. With this step, we are very well positioned with 3 established associations and can design a wide range for our customers. Another building block was added in 2018 with SUB’s cave diving program. We are now training cave divers according to IANTD and TDI, as well as SSI and SUB.


At the beginning of 2020, the whole world was surprised by Corona. Of course, the virus didn’t stop at us either. The year 2020 is probably a special year for everyone. A particularly difficult year for us. We have long been able to support our employees with a kind of short-time allowance. That only worked because we went to Germany and offered diving courses here. From intro to tec to sidemount to mine diving, we have been able to implement a number of courses.

The diving school has been open again since November 2020 and we look forward to every diver who wants to visit us. As before, safety comes first. We have created an extensive catalog of measures. Corona is not to be taken lightly for us divers. It is quite possible to be permanently incapable of diving due to a corona disease.

The aim is to continue to provide excellent personal service, taking hygiene measures into account. We want to have fun and convey fun while diving. We want to offer you the diving that we want ourselves.

True to the motto … diving with friends !!!

DiveMex - Our team

International diving school in Playa del Carmen

Gabriela (Diving Instructor)
Dirk (Diving Instructor)
Hanna (Diving Instructor)